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Thanks to inexpensive genetic testing as well as the digitization of personal information (thanks!), a new niche market has emerged , Genealogy Tourism.
How does this journey begin? Typically, people start their research at home, where the Internet and genealogy sites are their friends. The next step is the destination. People want to experience the places where previous generations lived and get a sense of how they lived and what they experienced. Travelers who previously were interested in a typical beach or adventure getaway, have changed their tune and are looking for connections. Connections to their past and a story written specifically about them.
Currently, Ireland estimates that 80 million people around the world have genetic roots there. As of this year, Northern Ireland has attributed over 20,000 international tourists who visited the country with the specific intention of participating in a genealogical trip or tour. Ancestral homeland visits have become a marketing tool for many destinations and the opportunities for connecting a traveler with a ‘Homeland Experience’ is definitely real.
Many tours and trips have the power of giving a traveler a unique experience, but genealogical tours aremuch more personal. They connect people with their heritage, identity, and ‘home’.


Ireland Irish Castle Ruin


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